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EQUALvet is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union. It promotes inclusive education of people with intellectual disabilities by developing a vocational training program in three professions: cook assistant, gardener assistant and cleaner.


We were asked to create the brand identity for the project. The equal sign used in the logo stresses the importance of equal opportunities and inclusivity in training. We chose blue for its trustworthiness and dependability and orange for the energy and brightness the project brings. The choice of a simple clear-cut font enhances the importance of simplicity in communication.

We developed a website that hosts all the project information, is very easy to navigate and uses imagery that conveys the main pillars of the project.

Furthermore, we designed all the easy-to-read manuals for the trainers that are available in digital format.



Manuals' cover design: Liana Markaki

Logo & Web design: Alexia Boubouli

Equalvet website
Equalvet website
We worked with Alexia for the development of the logo, website, and manuals of EQUALvet. 
Alexia's work ethic, commitment, hard work, and creative mind helped us understand the image we wanted to promote and at the same time ensure all our products will be accessible for people with intellectual disabilities. The design and development phase of the products with Alexia as a partner couldn't be more fun and efficient! Thank you for everything!
Sophia Karagouni,
Senior Project Manager, Communication Officer
VTC Margarita
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