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Eugenia-lab makes handcrafts with emphasis on one-of-a-kind dolls. The artist’s creativity finds also application in personalized gifts and the decoration of the space we live or work.

Eugenia asked us to create a website that would function as a digital reference space for what she creates so that it is accessible to anyone interested. We, therefore, designed a website that introduces her as an artist, through her work. It was a real joy and a challenge to channel the artist’s abundant energy in a digital presentation of her work in order to gain recognition, awareness and sales.

Eugenia-lab website
Eugenia-lab website on tablet

I met Alexia, as the person who helped me communicate my dolls on the internet. With patience, understanding, and rigor but mainly with consistency and method, she created an “e-space” that expresses the style and aesthetics of Eugenia-lab.

Ifigenia Tsichla,

Artist, Owner of Eugenia-lab

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