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Legalwise is a boutique law team with 25 years of experience in business consulting and commercial litigation, both national and international.

Their brief was clear: “We don’t want to see anything that refers to a traditional law firm, such as a scale of justice, or the statue of Themis!”. We agreed on using as a symbol the owl, which represents wisdom and knowledge. We designed an owl wearing glasses signifying a level of sophistication and elegance, with a touch of humour.

Along the same lines, we designed their website with a fresh, straight forward execution. The visitor gets a clear understanding of the firm's areas of expertise, and is informed why one should choose them. It is an easy to navigate website that encourages communication.



Logo design: Konstantina Ioannou

Web design: Alexia Boubouli

Legalwise website
Legalwise website
Legalwise business cards
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