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"Make it Work"

The project "Make it Work: The road towards Work Inclusion" is implemented within the framework of the BUILD program. Its goal is to strengthen political dialogue on Supported Employment for people with intellectual disabilities and autism in Greece.

As part of this initiative, the Vocational Training Centre MARGARITA, the project's implementing body, entrusted us with designing the program's logo, social media posts, and a roll-up banner.

For the logo, we chose to depict two people’s joined hands, symbolizing success and the joy felt when achieving something significant—in this case, professional inclusion. The design also highlights the collaboration necessary to achieve the program’s objectives.

Through our creative efforts, we aim to visually represent and promote the values and goals of the "Make it Work" project, fostering a more inclusive and supportive employment environment for all.


Creative design: Konstantina Ioannou

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