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Serifos’ Friends is a non-profit cultural association that aspires to preserve and promote the natural beauty, cultural and historical heritage of the island.

We created a logo that is inspired by the ancient coin of Serifos depicting a frog. We designed a modernized version of the frog, keeping a balance between heritage and contemporary life. Yellow is the colour we chose in order to stress the energy of the sunny Cyclades, and the optimism to make a difference expressed by the aims of the association.

We designed a website that makes navigation easy and clearly states at a glance the organization’s goals and actions.


serifos friends website

The collaboration with Alexia was a very creative process that led to the design of our logo and website, but what mattered most is that it changed the perception of our association so that today we have a significant increase in our volunteer members! Thank you Alexia!

Eleftheria Psarrou,

Chairman of the Board Serifos’ Friends

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