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To Diktyo (The NET) is the Greek network of service providers for persons with disabilities. It was created to represent nationwide all the bodies that care for and provide services for the physical and mental health and lifelong education of children, adolescents, and adults with disabilities.

Our client entrusted us with the design of their website. We therefore, created an easy to navigate website that is pleasant to browse both in desktop and mobile devices. We organized the information in such a manner as to convey in a clear way the activities and areas of work of the organization. We designed a consistent and uniform visual identity throughout the entire website, that is in line with the main colours used in their logo, while at the same time complies with accessibility standards.


Web Development: Isaak Tselepis, Web Design: Alexia Boubouli

todiktyo website
todiktyo website areas of work
todiktyo mobile website
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